Security experts have identified USB mobile charging in public locations as the #1 opportunity for identity theft and malware for mobile devices. Aptly named “juice jacking,” mobile-charging stations provide hackers with a target-rich environment for malicious activity.

In 2014, a Microsoft study found that 5 out of 10 malware instances were worms spread by USB removable drives. That astounding number led many IT departments to outlaw the use of USB flash drives on any computers connected to an organization’s network. Nevertheless, infection rates through USB continue to climb.

ChargeDefense believes not having people use their USB ports is impractical and nearly impossible to outlaw. Instead, we researched, discovered and developed products to save organizations and individuals from mobile malware disasters.

ChargeDefense Juice-Jack Defender®

Protect yourself home and away with this first-of-its-kind protector which instantly removes all data-sharing capabilities between your device and any charging port. Virus can’t go in or out while you charge your phone off laptop, public charging kiosk, etc.

WATCH “How the Juice-Jack Defender Works”

Juice-Jack Defender® supports charging up at 1 full Amp, ideal for charging tablets or phablet devices for frequent travelers. Purchasing the Juice-Jack Defender® is an easy-to-carry protection measure – your $15 insurance policy – if ever you need to use a public charging station.

USB Port Blocker – Pack of 4, White

white_portblockerWith this neat little device, system administrators can physically prevent users from connecting Pen Drives, MP3 Players and other USB Mass Storage Devices to their computers to copy data, introduce viruses etc.

The USB Port Blocker is made up of a combined ‘key’ and ‘lock’ assembly which plugs into the USB port. To use, simply plug the ‘keylock’ into the port and release the latch – the lock remains in place! Plug the key back into the lock to remove. Easy!