Botnets, Ransomware on NQ Mobile List of Top Mobile Malware Trends

Great infographic on recent mobile malware trends in 2014 by NQMobile we’re passing along.

Click the graphic for the full article and larger image. Key Statistics they shared:

  • 85,970 new pieces of malware were discovered, a 68 percent increase over 1H 2013
  • Infections were detected in 37.5 million Android devices in NQ Mobile’s database of 136 million active user accounts worldwide, an increase of 78.6 percent over 1H 2013
  • 62 percent of malware falls into categories that can drive financial gain for malware engineers
  • 11 ...
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Common Myths about Mobile Charging


Myth 1: I never use a public charging station, so I’m safe from Juice-Jacking


Some of the smartest people we know believe this to be true.  Did you know that mobile device operating systems are now targeted more often than desktop operating systems?  Full-time cybercriminals have a variety of ways, some sophisticated – some not, to infect your mobile device. ...

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