U.S. White House Purchases Juice-Jack Defenders to Protect Data and Networks

The White House recently completed the purchase of 1,600 Juice-Jack Defenders® for its employees to protect their data, identities, and networks. After an extensive “bake off” in which White House technical experts tested numerous charge-only/fast-charge adapters, it selected ChargeDefense’s Juice Jack Defender.

Stuart McCafferty, ChargeDefense’s President and CEO stated, “As a veteran-owned company, we are proud to be responsible for helping to protect our nation’s critical information, networks, and employees from cyber criminals. We applaud the White House for understanding the real threat that juice-jacking (and reverse juice-jacking) brings to individuals, companies, and government agencies. We are obviously also very pleased they selected our product to protect the White House’s mobile charging users.”

In recent years identity thieves and hackers have become more sophisticated, shifting their attention to mobile devices. Malware applications originally developed for Windows operating systems are rapidly being migrated to attack mobile platforms. A February 2015 report from McAfee showed a 6x increase in mobile malware over a two year period and found that 8% of all mobile devices are infected with 387 new threats every minute, or more than 6 every second.”[1] That translates to an astounding 392M infected devices in the world.  McAfee further reported accelerated mobile infection rates with 17% growth in just the last quarter of 2014.[2]  Alcatel-Lucent’s Kindsight Security Labs report agrees with this staggering increase in mobile malware, stating growth of 20% in 2013 and another 25% in 2014 and growing quickly.[3]  The same report showed a nearly identical percentage growth of infections on fixed networks. The coincidence is interesting and illustrates how cyber criminals are targeting mobile devices to ultimately attack networked systems within corporate enterprises.

The Juice-Jack Defender blocks all data transfer between devices and their charging sources, supports all mobile devices and operating systems,  and supports charging at up to twice the normal USB charging speed. It has no chips or memory to execute and store malware. For more information, visit ChargeDefense’s website at www.chargedefense.com or watch a fun-filled factual cartoon on juice-jacking at https://youtu.be/mBeKrebcVoo.


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[3] Motive Security Labs malware report H2 2014, Alcatel-Lucent, 2014

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