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$ 30.95

Reliable, water resistant, and super portable, ChargeDefense’s solar chargers provide power for wherever you want to be with your phone or other mobile device. With the “Hello Sunshine” Solar Charger, no more worries about how long your stay in the wilderness will be. Goodbye office walls and hello sunshine!

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Water resistant. Dustproof. Shockproof. Light. Environmentally friendly. Drop resistant.

Meet the rugged new addition to your outdoor gear essentials. Keep your phone charged wherever you go. Great for the “on-the-go” outdoors person. Built to survive everything nature can throw at you, these solar-powered batteries have the juice to fully charge your smartphone or tablet. Powerful, rugged, and incredibly convenient for people that are outside or on the road.

Our solar charger can have your iPhone fully charged in two hours. Not bad for a day’s hike or afternoon at the pool.

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  • 6200 mAh charging capacity!  That’s 25% more power than similar chargers and 3x more capacity than the vast majority of chargers out there – more than enough to charge an iPad.
  • Compact, portable with camouflage design
  • LED flashlight
  • LED indicator showing power status
  • Two USB ports
  • Lightweight – just 6 ounces!
  • Monocrystalline solar panel – resiliency and durability
  • Lithium Polymer battery technology for maximum power supply and safety
  • Charges by home electricity or sunshine!



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Weight 6.5 oz

10 reviews for Hello Sunshine™ Solar Charger – 6200 mAh – Out of Stock

  1. MT

    Self suficient product. Comes in handy on both business and personal travel. Until planes and golf carts make USB charging standard, this is a fantastic alternative to keep your smart phones, ipads, or other USB electronics charged. Coolest part is that it will charge via built in solar panels!

  2. JB

    Kept us rockin’ on the beach today! Thanks!

  3. RG

    The charger is really easy to use and self explanatory. This is great product to use on flights and long drives. Perfect for your tablet/smart phone in those situations. Great on the golf course too when using power draining GPS devices and Apps. The size and weight of the charger are excellent for your backpack for hiking and camping.

  4. George

    Great product. During return trip home from golf trip, ran out of outlets in vehicle and utilized the solar charger to charge cell phone and use GPS. Worked great and easy. Highly recommend.

  5. RH

    I have used this solar charger for 7 days and really like the fact that I have a charger that is so easy to use. It has a nice method to attach it to items like backpacks, but I hang mine on my golf cart in case I need a quick charge while golfing. Once the initial charge is complete, it is easy to keep it fully charged and ready to charge my mobile phone.

  6. WP

    I have priced other chargers with similar capacity. Most are in the $79.95 range – and they are not solar, they are heavy, and they certainly aren’t ruggedized like this one. I don’t know how they can sell them this cheap. I use mine every day. I don’t typically charge it by sunshine, but charge it with my regular wall-wort charger every night. I take it everywhere with me and never run out of power on my iPhone6, which I can charge 3 times with a full charge on my solar charger.

    Every outdoorsman and traveler should have one of these. Get one before they raise their prices!

  7. RS

    Great product! I find myself using it more often than not. I have shown it to other friends and family and all have shown great interest. Priced right and very useful. Everyone should own one.

  8. Aleesha

    My dad fishes and hunts and is a total gadget freak. Its camo! He is going to love this! Best Father’s Day gift EVER!

  9. Keith

    Outstanding device and a must have! The Solar charger is extremely handy if you are doing anything outdoors. I golf and go to the beach often. The ChargeDefense Solar Charger keeps all my devices from my golf GPS watch, iPhones and bluetooth music player, etc. working all day without having to “go find a charge”. The price point makes it a great value for the service it provides. Get one for you and your family!

  10. Jeremy

    Used my Solar Defense Charger on a recent golf outing. Worked Great!! Need some power but didnt need a plug – just used the power of the sun – and FAST!! This could be used for hunting, fishing, at the ballpark, etc…. any outdoor activity; can also be charged inside with plug adapter before you go on the trip to “no power plugs-ville”.

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