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 100% safe charging with no infections and no regrets!

Did you know that the ethical hackers group, Black Hat, named mobile charging as the #1 threat for identity theft?  It’s true and most people never think about it.  Juice-Jacking is the term coined by Black Hat in 2013 that describes the hacking of mobile devices while charging.

ChargeDefense invented the Juice-Jack Defender in November, 2013 and after extensive market testing, began selling them in July, 2014.  It is the original and world’s greatest device to protect yourself from identity theft and malware.  Purchased by the White House and other government agencies to protect its employees and data, the Juice-Jack Defender instantly removes all data-sharing capabilities between your device and any charging port.  Unlike competitor products, it supports the USB2.0 standard and works on all mobile devices and operating systems at up-to twice the speed.  DON’T GET JUICE-JACKED!



  • Universal device works on ALL smart mobile devices (phones, tablets, and phablets)
  • Up to 1A charging speed
  • Charge mobile devices with zero data-sharing
  • Blocks malware and identity theft
  • 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee
  • Simple, easy to use
  • No software to install or setup requirements
  • Ideal for use with smartphones, tablets, and phablets

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11 reviews for Juice-Jack Defender®

  1. JR

    Finally a device that gives me peace of mind when I am in public places. Simple, easy, but does the job. Wondering why it took so long for someone to come up with such a great/practical product. Kudos!!

  2. EG

    I didn’t know how much I needed this device until I saw the juice jacking episode L0M1S on CBS’s show CSI: Cyber. As a frequent flyer this episode really struck home. The show focused on how several people’s phones were infected and all of their personal data pulled from their phones after plugging into an airport charging point that had been tampered with. Behind the panel a device was installed that implemented the juice jacking exploit hardware. I don’t know if the following link is permanent but as I write this it points to the key clip of the scene I describe above. If it goes away I am sure you can search for the episode title.
    The bottom line is that this product is simple, cheap, and does exactly what it says – it completely prevents any data flow between the phone or other smart device and the device it is plugged into so that it only can be used for powering or charging your device. I did notice that it seems to charge faster too.

  3. JC

    I travel a lot, so I often need to charge my phone in an airport. In some cases, the only place to charge my phone is with a USB port. Fortunately, with the Juice Jack Defender, I can change my phone with the confidence that no personal data (or virus) is being exchanged. From my perspective, using USB charging without the Juice Jack Defender, is like loaning your credit card to a stranger in the airport and hoping for the best.

  4. PM

    I’m the CEO of a data company entrusted with the product information for more than 2.5 million electrical devices. A security breach would kill my business. I wouldn’t even think about using a public charging station with out the JJD; I’m even hesitant to plug into my own PC without it.

  5. BL

    Until I saw a recent program on the security exposure with Smart Phones, I didn’t realize how vulnerable I was, especially while traveling. The Juice Jack Defender not only provides a complete wall of protection, it took half the time to charge my phone. A pure win-win.

  6. GC

    I may not be the savvyist of phone or computer users, but I can tell a good thing when I see one. As a person interested in the security of my community, I think everyone should use one of these….heck, why aren’t our devices built to disallow such exchanges?? Most folks have no clue…..get one for yourself and your family and friends. If you work in a secure office, you should already know about these dangers….

  7. BM

    The Juice-Jack Defender is an awesome product! As a college student, it really comes in handy when I’m waiting for class and my phone is in need of a charge. While taking a break or studying in the campus Student Center, I have to use a public charging station in order to charge my phone. This product both charges my phone extremely fast and protects me from any malware or identity theft that public charging stations are prone to.

  8. JSC

    I constantly find myself using the Juice-Jack to provide some peace of mind and speed up the charging rate. Even when charging off my own devices I am assured that my phone, tablet and PC are isolated from cyber attacks when charging. I find it useful on the road, in the office and at home.

  9. MN

    Ever computer I use has the juice jack defender attached to it.

    Every computer at work now has juice jack defenders attached to them.

    Corporate policy now requires their use if employees are going to charge their their devices off their computers.

    This should be the position of every company.

  10. William Cross

    Great item

  11. GCK (verified owner)

    Just purchased device for testing and it was a simple test — using the JJD allowed me to charge the USB devices bu the host computer doesn’t “see” them. Now buying a bunch more as holiday gifts! Product works exactly as advertised, great for use in public charging stations, such as at hotels and airports. Most excellent customer service!

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