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Wireless Qi-compliant Off-the-Grid 10000 mAh fast-charging Power Bank for iOS and Android, digital display stitched leather case, and dual-mode charge cable

  • WHAT’S DIFFERENT ABOUT OFF-THE-GRID MOBILE CHARGERS: Battery, Case and Ports, Digital Display, Accessories and Manual.
  • BATTERY: We source our own brand name batteries, which is unusual in the power bank industry. This frankly costs more, but it means; 1) true capacity as advertised 2) longest-lasting 3) safe, non-leaking 4) faster charging. Our batteries are the BEST, and after all, isn’t that what you are really buying?
  • CASE AND PORTS: We use a hi-grade aluminum case that is durable and rugged. It is wrapped in a stitched synthetic leather outer covering for additional protection and an elegant look and feel. Our input port is 2 Amps, twice what most manufacturers provide – meaning ½ the charge time. It includes 2 output ports, giving the user true off -the-grid power that can keep all your mobile devices charged.
  • DIGITAL DISPLAY: Our products include a LCD display providing battery capacity (in percentage) and charge rates (in Amps). This allows users to know exactly how much power is available and being used.
  • ACCESSORIES AND MANUAL: The Off-the-Grid Mobile Charger includes a quality dual mode cable that works on Android and iPhone products. Our user manual includes useful information written by American engineers for English-speaking audiences.

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