WireLurker Threat Solved By ChargeDefense’s Juice-Jack Defender®

The recent WireLurker threat to Apple iOS devices downloads third-party applications to the device through the USB connection.  The threat is one of the first “Juice -Jack” malware attacks to affect a massive number of mobile devices.  Juice-Jacking is the illegal hacking of mobile devices while connected to a USB charge port, which was identified by Black Hat as the number one threat to mobile device users.

ChargeDefense is getting enormous traffic as a result of this threat.  Our patent-pending invention provides an inexpensive solution to WireLurker and all identity theft and malware threats when using USB charging ports.  Our product is being tested by the US government to use throughout government agencies to protect its employees while traveling or charging their devices at their desk.  In fact, the Juice-Jack Defender® is being used by the White House, Congress, and the Army.

We guarantee the Juice-Jack Defender will fully protect any mobile device when charging through a USB port.  This includes WireLurker.  And for just $15?  It’s a no-brainer.

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